Below you will find a few of the commonly asked questions our clients have before beginning a project with us.

Feel free to contact us if you find your question isn’t already answered.

How much time should I allow between project consultation and implementation?

It depends on the project size and destination. While smaller projects can be turned around in days or weeks, larger projects can take months. Average turnaround times for various size projects would be as follows:

10’ x 10’ Inline from 2-6 weeks.
10’ x 20’ – 20’ x 20’ from 4-16 weeks.
20’ x 30’ – 40’ x 50’ from 8-24 weeks.

Larger and more detailed projects could take 16-52 weeks.

What is the payment schedule?

After a design and style is selected and the pricing is agreed upon, a deposit payment is required to start the project and the balance. Deposit rates vary per project.

What are the pros and cons to renting vs. purchasing a display?

Renting exhibits allows customers the flexibility to change the look, feel and size from show to show without being locked in to any one particular design. Rentals also eliminate the need to purchase crates for shipping and storage and they eliminate the need for storage fees.

How do I obtain images for my display?

Images and content can be created by a designer of your choice, by company photographs, or a combination of the two. Purchasing the rights to stock photography or art files is also an option.

What custom features do you offer that will make my display really stand out?

It is always in the details, whether it’s a lighting element that helps your products and services stand out, digital media, bold large format graphics or the little design element that makes the nice features jump out and say HAYADOIN!

How long will my purchased display last?

If cared for, your display can last 5, 10 or even 20 years, or until your design elements, products or services change and you’d like to rebrand. If there are any issues, we have a fantastic support network to assist you with replacement parts and service or even a refresh.

How much do exhibits weigh?

That all depends on the size and materials. If a client is attending a show where material handling is a chargeable item, we will find creative ways to design and build big, bold, beautiful exhibits that are weight conscious.

Do you provide a warranty for displays?

We stand behind all of our products. Sometimes products that get mishandled by freight companies, sales representatives or general labourers need to be repaired. Sometimes the parts are replaced at no charge, sometimes there is a labour charge, and sometimes there is a fee for parts and labour. It all depends on how the damage happened and how long the exhibit has been in circulation.

How is shipping handled?

This again depends on size. We use courier services, our own trucks, as well as large carriers as we ship all over North America. Clients are welcome to arrange their own shipping or we can manage all the logistics with our extensive network of carriers.