Need to know a little more about what we can provide? Below are more detailed descriptions of what we can create for you.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are great, affordable tools to market your products or services that can be used on their own or in conjunction with other display tools. Three banner stands in a row make a very effective backdrop in a larger exhibit space. Carrying cases with shoulder straps ensure ease of use and they can even go on a plane as a carry on.

Portable Exhibits

From tabletop displays to multi-sectional options for larger areas, portable exhibits are easy to ship and set up without requiring any tools or unionized labour. These cost effective solutions create big impressions!

Inline Exhibits

Linear exhibits with a typical 8’ high back wall restriction. Various styles of booth options can be placed within an inline exhibit.

Peninsula Exhibits

Aisles on 3 sides with one or more adjacent booths on the back side.

Island Exhibits

Aisles on all 4 sides, usually there is flexibility on height and structure. These consist of multiple booths.


Pavilions occupy large exhibit spaces and can be several inline booth spaces, peninsulas or islands, depending on the show and the exhibitor’s needs.