At Cloud 9 Productions we are passionate, experienced and motivated professionals with over fifteen years experience in the trade show industry.

The Cloud 9 Team is a passionate and experienced group of sales professionals with over 15 years of experience in the trade show industry. Their extensive knowledge includes design and overall management of exhibit layouts, including show floor plans, graphics capability, structure safety, as well as carpentry, electrical and plumbing needs. In addition, they have a keen understanding of trade show rules and regulations (including work with unionized labour) and workflow management. Their unique focus on trends and product branding ensures that their exhibits always stand out.

Global experience includes working at many venues throughout the United States and Canada as well as worldwide resources and partnerships for shipping, labour solutions and seamless execution no matter where the show is taking place.

Everyone at Cloud 9 enjoys what they do, and their commitment to success is evident in their work ethic and the quality of the products they deliver.